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PHJ Annual Report

PHJ publishes the Activity and Financial Report annually starting in October 2017.
PHJ Annual Report 2017
PHJ Annual Report 2018
PHJ Annual Report 2019
PHJ Annual Report 2020

PHJ News

PHJ published PHJ News, an English language newsletter and a report from 2009 to 2016. Our back issues are listed here.
*No.77, 2016 Autumn Edition (PDF)
Report of Fiscal Year 2016 Activities and Fiscal Year 2017 Plan, etc.

*No.76, 2016 Spring Edition (PDF)
Vietnam – Completion and Transfer of the Breast Cancer Project, etc.

*No.75, 2016 Winter Edition (PDF)
Reflecting PHJ’s Vision and Mission on the Coming 20th Anniversary, etc.

* No.74, 2015 Autumn Edition (PDF)
Report of Fiscal Year 2015 Activities and Fiscal Year 2016 Plan, etc.

*No.73, 2015 Summer Edition (PDF)
Inspecting Four Project Sites by PHJ Managing Director, etc.

*No.72, 2015 Spring Edition (PDF)
Indonesia – Promoting Maternal and Child Health through Nutrition Education, etc.

*No.71, 2015 Winter Edition (PDF)
Cambodia – Starting Project at Kampong Cham, etc.

*No.70,2014 Autumn Edition (PDF)
Report of Fiscal Year 2014 Activities and Fiscal Year 2015 Plan

*No.69, 2014 Summer Edition (PDF)
Cambodia – Health Referral System; Indonesia – Starting a Healthy Sanitary Environment Project, etc.

*No.68, 2014 Spring Edition (PDF)
Thailand – HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Compiled and Expanded, etc.

*No.67, 2014 Winter Edition (PDF)
Myanmar Visit Report as a Candidate Project Site, etc.

*No.66, 2013 Autumn Edition (PDF)
FY2013 Business Report and FY2014 Business Plan, etc.

*No.65, 2013 Summer Edition (PDF)
Indonesia’s 10 year projects, etc.

*No. 64, 2013 Spring Edition (PDF)
Cambodia – Tuk Tuk (Tricycle) Donation Ceremony, etc.

* No. 63, 2013 Winter Edition (PDF)
Donation of Small Doctor Car to Ishinomaki, etc.

* No. 62, 2012 Autumn Edition Part I (PDF)
Message of New Chairperson, etc.

* No. 62, 2012 Autumn Edition Part II (PDF)
2012 Financial Report

No.61, 2012 Summer Edition (PDF)
Indonesia AIN Program Supports PHJ’s Maternal and Child Health Improvement Project, etc.

* No.60, 2012 Spring Edition (PDF)
Cambodia Practising Maternal and Child Health Improvement by Villagers, etc.

* 15th Anniversary Edition, Winter 2012 (PDF)
Appreciating your support to PH-Japan for 15 Years, etc.

* No.58, 2011 Autumn Edition (PDF)
Report of FY2011 Activities and FY2012 Plan, etc.

* No.57, 2011 Summer Edition (PDF)
East Japan Disaster Relief – PHJ’s Support, On East Japan Disaster Relief – AJHA and PHJ, etc.

* No.56, 2011 Spring Edition (PDF)
Donation for 2011 Great East Japan Disaster Relief Efforts, PHJ and Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.

* No.55, 2011 Winter Edition (PDF)
Japanese Government Grant Assistance to Cambodia and Thailand, Donation Culture, etc.

* No.54, 2010 Autumn Edition (PDF)
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and PHJ, I have never met a person I dislike, etc.

* No.53, 2010 Summer Edition (PDF)
Donation of Minibus for Cervical Cancer Education, Providing High-quality Healthcare, etc.

* No.52, 2010 Spring Edition (PDF)
Vietnam HIVAIDS Prevention Education, Challenges of Sustainability, etc.

No.51, 2010 Winter Edition (PDF)
PHJ President’s Visit to Program Sites, Assuming the Office of Vice-Chairperson, etc.

* No.50, 2009 Autumn Edition (PDF)
Report on the First PHJ Study Tour to Thailand and Cambodia, Contributing to the Health in Thailand, etc.

* No.49, 2009 Summer Edition (PDF)
International Contributions and Volunteer Activities, Social Responsibility of Pharmaceutical Companies, etc.

No.48, 2009 Spring Edition (PDF)
Millennium Development Goals and PHJ, Expectations to PHJ, etc.

No.47, 2009 Winter Edition (PDF)
Vietnam AIDS Prevention Education Center Established, AJHA Supports PHJ, etc.