Board of Directors (September 6, 2023)

Chairperson’s Message

PHJ’s dilemmas, and a breath of fresh air

PHJ was established 26 years ago, and now faces challenges that include the following:

・There are strong needs at sites that we do not have the capacity to meet.

・There are many projects we wish to implement for which we do not have the funds.

・There are big missions to complete, but we do not have enough experts.

・We would like to increase the number of supporters, but the manpower and budget for public relations are limited.

These concerns are common dilemmas that not only PHJ, but also many other NGOs face, and they have been long-standing challenges.

On the other hand, there have been some new developments at PHJ this year.
Firstly, PHJ has formulated a purpose statement and started internal discussions on the creation of a five-year comprehensive plan in anticipation of our 30th anniversary.
In Cambodia, we started a new project in a different province, and the Myanmar office has welcomed new staff members who are all local hires.
PHJ’s Tokyo HQ has added one more full-time staff member, and new senior staff members have also joined the fundraising department.

Despite facing a number of dilemmas, there is a new surge of originality, creativity, and effort at PHJ that is like a breath of fresh air!

Youhei Kamiya
Chairperson, Board of Directors
September 6, 2023


Board of Directors

Chairperson KAMIYA Youhei Former Managing Director of PHJ
Former Director of Yokogawa & Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairperson TANAKA Shigeru Chairman, Saitama Prefectural University
Professor Emeritus, Keio University
Director FUJINO Yasuyuki Managing Director & GM, Int’l Operation Dept. of PHJ
Director IIZUKA Masaki Former Board Member, Officer of Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
Director INOKUCHI Yuji Chairman, All Japan Hospital Association
Chairperson, Medical Foundation Jukoukai
Director ISHIKAWA Masakazu Director of Minami-Ikuta Ladies Clinic
Lecturer of Kitasato University
Director ITOH Kohei President of Keio University
Director MATSUMOTO Ken-ichi Chairman, OMETA; Vice Chairman, JFMDA
Chairman of Sakura Global Holding Co., Ltd.
Director MURAI Tetsuya Former President of Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation
Director NAKAJIMA Yasuo Director of Central Clinic Setagaya
Professor Emeritus, St. Marianne University School of Medicine
Director ODA Shingo Former Chairperson of PHJ
Former President of Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
Director OKADA Yasushi Chairman, The Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of Japan
Representative Corporate Officer & COO of Eisai Co., Ltd.
Director YAMAMOTO Chiaki Citizen of Musashino City, Tokyo
Director YASUDA(OKAMOTO) Miyoko Associate Professor, Faculty and Graduate School of Health Care and Nursing; Department of Global Health Research, Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University
Director YOSHINO Yae Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Nursing, Sophia University
Auditor MAEMURA Koji Former Audit and Supervisory Member of Yokogawa Electric Corporation