PHJ activities to improve maternal and child health care services in rural areas

In 2015, PHJ established its Myanmar Office in Nay Pyi Taw to improve the provision of medical and health care services by health facilities and to provide educational support to raise health awareness in communities. The project site was a typical rural area in Tatkon Township. In this area, the sub-centers that provide primary health care services are often quite old and/or do not provide childbirth services. Also, the health care services available for pregnant women are inadequate due to the scarcity of qualified midwives and the limited educational opportunities available to midwives. In addition, village women have limited access to maternal and child health information and tend to follow the traditional practice of giving birth at home. This project aimed to build a mutual aid system for the provision of health care services by health staff to pregnant women and mothers of young children. PHJ provided the support needed to provide access to appropriate health care to mothers and their children. Funding for this project was provided by an NGO grant from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and donations from companies and individuals. The project was completed in November 2020.

In December 2020, PHJ launched the following project in Lewe Township, which is also located in Nay Pyi Taw:

Project to strengthen health system for pregnant/postpartum women & newborns (2021–2024)

Project site

Lewe Township, Nay Pyi Taw

Project goal

For pregnant and postpartum women and newborns in Lewe Township, ensure safe delivery and appropriate newborn care by improving the maternal and child health services provided by the township health system, and through these achievements have a positive impact on other Nay Pyi Taw townships.


5115 newborns, 5065 pregnant women, township health department staff, 8 lady health visitors, 83 midwives, 55 auxiliary midwives, and 690 maternal and child health promoters in Lewe Township, which has a population of 301,928


Country Information

Myanmar Japan
Area 680,000 378,000
Population 52.8 million 128 million
Gross national income US$1,307 US$42,000
Ethnic groups Burmese 70%, Many
other minority ethnic groups
Japanese 98.5%, Ainu,
Korean, Chinese
Language Burmese Japanese
Religion Buddhist 90%, Christian,
Shinto + Buddhist 84%,
Christian 2%,Others 7.8%
Life expectancy 67 years 85 years
Fertility rate 2.2 children born/woman 1.5 children born/woman
Literacy rate 76% 100%
Infant mortality rate 36/ 1000 live births 2 / 1000 live births
Under 5 mortality rate 45 / 1000 2 / 1000
Percentage of 1 year olds
fully immunized against measles
91% 96%
Maternal mortality
250/ 100,000 persons 5/ 100,000 persons
Skilled attendant
at birth
60% 100%
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate
(15-49 years)
0.7% less than 0.1%

Source:UNICEF 2021