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Privacy Policy of PH-Japan (People’s Hope Japan)

PH-Japan (People’s Hope Japan)is a non-profit organization whose local and Japan staff members together with its volunteers engage in activities to improve health care around the globe. We take seriously the need to properly handle and protect the personal information collected through our activities (“Personal Information”). We will make continuous efforts for the proper treatment and protection of Personal Information in accordance with the following Privacy Policy, the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

At our website or by other means, we may ask you to provide Personal Information such as your name, email address, home or work address, telephone number, image and voice. Each time we obtain your Personal Information, we will clearly state to you in advance the purpose of its use and will use your Personal Information only to the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose. If the need to use your Personal Information for purposes other than the stated purpose arises, we will notify you to that effect and will obtain your consent beforehand.

2. Protection of Personal Information

We will continually strive to ensure that all Personal Information is properly handled and managed by providing our staff in Japan and other countries training in internal compliance systems for protecting and managing Personal Information, and will periodically review and update such systems. In the event that we subcontract the processing of Personal Information to a third party, we will take necessary and adequate measures, including contractual obligations of such third party to maintain a sufficient level of security and the exercise of supervision thereof. Our website uses “cookies” to measure advertising effectiveness and access status; however, we will not employ cookies to collect or access your Personal Information.

3. Providing to Third Party

With the following exceptions, we will not provide Personal Information to any third party:
• (1) When we have obtained your prior consent;
• (2) When we provide your Personal Information to a third party in order to meet the purpose of use already stated to you, and to the extent necessary; provided, however, that we will exercise due care to appoint such third party and bear responsibility to supervise the same;
• (3) When we have notified you in advance of, or have made readily accessible to you, the fact that your Personal Information will be provided to a third party, which Personal Information of yours to be provided and how, and when we will stop providing your Personal Information;
• (4) When required by law; and
• (5) When necessary to protect your life, health or property or the general public and when it is difficult to obtain your consent.

4. Contacting Us

We will properly respond to comments and requests from you regarding the review, correction or discontinuance of the use of Personal Information, after confirming your identity and in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, provided, however, that the above shall not apply when it is likely that the proper performance of our activities will be materially adversely affected thereby.

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