PHJ activities to improve maternal and child health care services in rural areas

In 2003, PHJ established its Cambodia Office in Kampong Thom Province and launched health care service improvement projects.

In 2014, PHJ moved its office to Kampong Cham Province to carry out these projects in closer cooperation with municipal health administration offices and local communities. These activities include the training of health center staff in health and management skills and working with health centers to foster cooperation in the provision of maternal and child health instruction in local communities. The following projects are currently underway:

Project to strengthen community care and support network for children in Kampong Cham Province(2018.11-2023.1)

Project site

Steung Trang Operational District (OD)

(4 of the 12 health centers in Steung Trang OD)

Project goals

(1) Encouraging cooperation between health centers and local communities so that children can enjoy ready access to adequate health services

(2) Enhancing awareness in communities of the need for children’s health care and healthy diets


4,751 children under five years of age and their care-givers, OD staff, 30 health center staff, 67 health volunteers, and 75 maternal and child health volunteers operating under 4 health centers serving 34 villages with a total population of 40,4695

Funds for this project were provided through an NGO grant from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the donations of companies and individuals.


Country Information

Cambodia Japan
Area 181,000 sq. km 378,000 sq. km
Population 15.76million 128 million
Gross national income per capita US$1,140 US$42,000
Ethnic groups Khmer 97.6%, Cham 1.2%,
Chinese 0.1%
Japanese 98.5%,
Ainu, Korean, Chinese
Language Khmer Japanese
Religion Buddhist 97.9%, Moslim 1.1% Shinto + Buddhist 84%, Christian 2%,
Others 7.8%
Life expectancy 70 years 85 years
Fertility rate 2.6 children born/woman 1.5 children born/woman
Literacy rate 74% 100%
Infant mortality rate 23 / 1000 live births 2 / 1000 live births
Under 5 mortality rate 27 / 1000 2 / 1000
Percentage of 1 year olds fully
immunized against measles
81% 96%
Maternal mortaility rate 160 persons/ 100,000 5 persons / 100,000
Skilled attendant at delivery 89% 100%
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate(15-49 years) 0.5% less than 0.1%

Source:UNICEF 2021