Thailand Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

(Project period:1998-2016 Project sites:Chiang Mai Province and Lampang Province)

About 8,000 infants are born with congenital heart disease each year in Thailand. About one third to one half of them require surgery. But only half of them are able to receive surgery due to their families’ financial conditions and the technical capabilities of local hospitals.
It is recommended that the patient receive the surgery before they reach the age of two. If the surgery is done later because of a delay in finding the disease or difficulty of paying the surgery expenses, the risk to their lives increases.
Wishing to save children suffering with congenital heart disease, since 1998, PHJ has extended financial support for  surgeries and educational support to train specialist medical doctors and nurses; working in cooperation with Chiang Mai University Hospital, Lampang Hospital and The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation.
PHJ appealed its wish to save lives of more children to The Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Japan Business Federation. By June 2007, the support from these organizations was directed to the implementation of surgeries for 62 children and to the training of three medical doctors and 11 nurses.
Since late 2006, with the help of Japanese companies, international funds, and citizens’ groups, PHJ has supported surgeries of 10 to 30 children per year. As of 2011, 286 total children received successful surgeries. In 2011, in addition to the Chiang Mai University Hospital, Lampang Hospital started performing pediatric cardiovascular surgeries. In 2012, this form of  surgery will be extended to non-Thai children.
From 1998 to 2016, PHJ extended heart surgery support to 440 children.
Although PHJ completed this project in October 2016, the local hospitals and organizations are succeeding the help to these children.


Pediatric cardiovascular surgery
PHJ provides surgeries in cooperation with the Chiang Mai University Hospital and Lampang Hospital.
Mobile clinic
In order to save the children with heart disease in remote areas, PHJ is providing a mobile clinic in which Chiang Mai University Hospital doctors and nurses visit local hospitals to examine  children. If a patient requires surgery, the case is referred to the Chiang Mai University Hospital and Lampang Hospital. The visit and examination provides on the-job-training to local doctors and nurses.
It is expected that these trained local doctors and nurses will become the core human resources in respective fields in training other doctors and nurses. Their efforts will enhance the knowledge and skill levels of those dealing with congenital pediatric cardiac disease.
Training of pediatric cardiovascular specialist nurses
Chiang Mai University Hospital nurses receive training in the  pre and post-operation care of pediatric cardiovascular patients in Bangkok; this allows them to more fully extend their care services to prospective patients.
Educating the families of pediatric cardiovascular patients
To extend improved care and services to patients, PHJ provides education programs for their families.
Post-operation home visits
To check the health conditions of patients one year and two years following surgery, PHJ staff members visit patients and their families at home.
Please see the PHJ-Thailand website on this program.

Past activities

In 2001,  PHJ trained a team of doctors and nurses capable of undertaking pediatric cardiovascular surgery at the Saprasong City Hospital. Saprasong City Hospital was  consequently established as the first heart surgery specialized hospital in Ubon Rachatani Province.