Thailand Past Projects

Projects completed in Thailand are introduced in the following.

HOPE Partner Education Project (Support of Physically Challenged Children)

(project period: 1998-2016)

Since 1998, PHJ has extended support for medical and transportation fees; while also providing support for medical equipment to the children with chronic diseases and disabilities. Also, PHJ has instituted monthly education programs and home visits to the patients to extend physical therapy.  Thanks to the support, 186 patients have graduated from the project. The rest of 21 patients are receiving supports and those requiring support will continue to receive such services from the local hospitals that have implemented the rehabilitation education under the PHJ guidance, while those able to leave the project will be graduating.
Transferee Hospitals: Sansai Hospital and RICD: Rajanagarindra Institute for Child Development

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Support Project

(project period :1998-2016)

Wishing to save children suffering with congenital heart disease, PHJ has extended financial support for surgeries. PHJ also extended educational support to train specialist medical doctors and nurses. Working in cooperation with Chiang Mai University Hospital, PHJ supported over 400 surgeries outside the regular hospital hours. In addition to the Chiang Mai University Hospital, Lampang Hospital, Chiang Rai Hospital and Nakong Ping Hospital are extending pediatric cardiovascular surgeries and the expenses will be covered by the nation’s medical insurance and funds from local support organizations.
Transferee Hospitals: Chiang Mai University Hospital, Chiang Rai Hospital, Lampmg Hospital, Nakong Ping Hospital

HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Project

(project period: 2000-2016)

Initially the project supported the HIV-infected child under the HOPE Partner project. Then, the main activity was shifted to the HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention peer education among university students. We have provided the peer education to more than 500 peer educators, who in turn transferred their HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention knowledge to 30000 university students. Following the university program, PHJ received a strong request from the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office to extend this education toward younger students at vocational colleges for 3 years from 2013. About 720 Peer Educators were trained to extend to more than 5300 students in 18 vocational colleges. The universities and vocational colleges participated in the past projects are presently continuing this peer education on their own.
Transferee Organizations: 8 universities in the Chiang Mai Province, 18 vocational colleges in the Chiang Mai Province

Cervical Cancer/Breast Cancer Prevention Project

((project period: 2001-2013)

PHJ has focused on education/training nurces/health center staff, and health volunteers to encourage more women to receive screening tests. These educational programs to promote screening tests. These educational programs to promote screening tests. These educational programs to promote screening tests in the community, the cervical cancer (CC) checks and breast self examination(BSE) increased significantly.
The project was implemented from 2001 to 2007 in 8 distircts of Chaiyaphum Province and Syphan Buri Province and the pap test rate increased from 3% to 50%.
Then following two years from 2008 to 2010, the project was implemented in two districts of the Chiang Mai Province, increasing the pap test rate from 9% to 63%. The project implemented in the six districts of the Chiang Mai Province for three years from 2010 contributed to increase the pap test rate from 15% to 63%.
From 2011 to 2013, the BSE to prevent breast cancer was introduced in the six districts of the Chiang Mai Province in addition to the CC prevention and the BSE rate reached 89% among the targeted women.
These BC/CC project experience was fully utilized in the breast cancer (BC) awareness and prevention project in Viet Nam for five (5) years from 2011. The project was transferred to two organizations in Vietnam, CASCD, NGO under the Vietnam Red Cross and Vietnam Women’s Union.
Transferee Organizations: Chiang Mai Health Department

2011 Flood disaster support  (Project period:October to November 2011)

Starting August 2011, the Indo-China region suffered flood damages due to continued strong rain which affected 5.7 million people across five countries.  PHJ made donations to assist the flood victims in Cambodia and Thailand. In Thailand,  PHJ donated 100 sets of relief kits consisting of  drinking water, mosquito nets, blankets, diapers and milk for infants.These relief kits were directed at the flood victims in Bangkok. PHJ also donated 211 portable toilets and 115 T-shirts to the victims in Ayuthaya (our project site Chiang Mai  was not heavily affected by fooding.)
Temporaly toilet

Support for the RICD Learning Center (Project period:2009-2012)

PHJ supported the construction of a Learning Center in Rajanagarindrah Institute of Child Development (RICD). The center offers training and education for the families of the physically-challenged children. Following the opening of the center in 2009, the nurses and medical staffs are extending to families of the children the  knowledge and skills training required for proper pediatric caretaking. They also conducted seminars allowing families to share the experiences.  PHJ transferred the responsibility of managing the Learning Center to RICD in 2012.

2011 East Japan Disaster Support (Project period:2011)

Immediately after March 11 East Japan Disaster, PHJ-Thailand office staffs started a fund raising project to extend support to the disaster victims. They made “support Japan  T-shirts” and raised 300,000 yen. The fund together with the hand-made caps and shawls from the PHJ Thailand supporters were sent to devastated areas and appreciated by many people in the disaster areas.