Thailand Support of Physically-challenged Children

(Project period:1998-2016  Project site:Chiang Mai Province)

Improvements in the medical insurance system allow most children to receive free medical services, while the children with chronic diseases requiring prolonged rehabilitation must bear the medical fees; poor families with children lacking Thai citizenship were in need of support. PHJ provided rehabilitation and transportation fees, as well as health education for 21 children and their families. PHJ monitored health care at their homes by visiting the patients with local nurses, therapists and health staff. From 1998 to 2016, PHJ extended support to 228 children and 186 among them graduated from the project. Although PHJ ended this project in October 2016, local medical and health organizations continue to extend support to these children.


Periodic medical care and health education meetings
Patients receive diagnoses by doctors and rehabilitation programs through therapists. They also participate in health education meetings of PHJ staff and families.
Health care at home
PHJ travels with local nurses and therapists to conduct visits for patients requiring medical care at home. These medical staff members provide health guidance, counseling, and rehabilitation services applicable to each child.

Past activities

Since 1998, PHJ has extended support for medical and transporation fees; while also providing support for medical equipment to the children with chronic diseases and disabilities. Also, PHJ has instituted monthly education programs, including savings programs at local hospitals. Thanks to the improved medical insurance system in Thailand, most of the children are able to receive free medical services. Considering this development, PHJ decided to extend the support to approximately 30 children requiring prolonged treatment and rehabilitation; as well as the children not covered by the Thai medical insurance program such as those without Thai citizenship.