Thailand HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

(Project period:2000~2016 Project site:Chiang Mai Province  )

Initially the project provided guidance and counseling on HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health knowledge and blodd testing toward the couples just before marriage. Then, the main activity is shifted to the HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention peer education*1 among university students.
Until 2013, we have provided the peer education to more than 500 peer educators, who in turn transferred their HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention knowledge to 30,000 university students. The universities participated in these past projects are presently continuing this peer education on their own.
In 2012 PHJ made evaluation of past projects and found that its HIV/AIDS prevention education projects contributed to raise the university students’ HIV awareness significantly and influenced their sexual behaviors. With a strong request from the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office, PHJ decided to extend this education toward younger students at vocational colleges starting in August 2013*. This new project aimed at extending the peer education to 720 PEs who will transfer their knowledge to 5,160 students at 18 colleges in three (3) years.

Activities Report


*1: Sharing knowledge, skills and behaviors among same age persons (peers) and leaders providing such education called Peer Educators.
*2: This three year project was funded by the grant assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.