Japan Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Support (past project)

PHJ is carrying out the East Japan Disaster relief and reconstruction support program.
Donated a fully automatic blood pressure monitor
Since the great earthquake and tsunami hit East Japan on March 11, 2011, PHJ has been carrying out a relief support donation program in cooperation with All Japan Hospital Association (AJHA)(*1) . For three and half months until the end of June 2011, PHJ supported the dispatch of medical teams by AJHA (*2). Since July 2011, PHJ’s support has been directed for reconstruction of the private hospitals in disaster areas. Many medical equipment and facilities of the AJHA member hospitals were damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. In order to extend required medical services in the disaster areas, these damaged hospitals need medical equipment. A large portion of the donation to our East Japan Disaster support program will be used for the purchase of the required medical equipment. Your continued donation will be truly appreciated.


(*1)All Japan Hospital Association (AJHA) consists of 2300 private hospitals in Japan and there are 218 member hospitals in the disaster areas. Since PHJ was established in 1997, AJHA has been extending various types of support to the PHJ projects.
【URL】 http://www.ajha.or.jp/
(*2)AJHA established Disaster Support Headquarters on March 14, 2011 anad dispatched medical teams to Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture and Kesen-numa City, Miyagi Prefecture in cooperation with the Japan Medical Association. One medical team consisted of one doctor, two nurses, and one administrator and provided medical support at emergency shelters as well as transfer of patients to hospitals. By the end of June 2011, 127 medical teams consisting of 482 persons performed medical services at the disaster areas.
(*3) In May 2011, the Japan Tax Agency introduced the designated donation scheme for the East Japan Disaster donation. On May 9, 2011, PHJ was approved as the first designated donation NPO.
(*4) For the donation to the East Japan Disaster support program


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