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In Japan PHJ organizes seminars and participates in events to introduce its health and medical educational support projects in Southeast Asia.
Since March 11, 2011, PHJ has been implementing the East Japan Disaster relief and reconstruction support project, also.


East Japan Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Support (2011~) more
Asian Fairy Tale/Animal Calendar (2010~) more
Disaster Support and Past Projects (1997~2012) more

Country Information

Area 378,000 sq. km
Population 127 million
Gross national income per capita US$42,000
Ethnic groups Japanese 98.5%、
Ainu, Korean, Chinese
Language Japanese
Religion Shinto + Buddhist 84%、Christian 2%、
Others 7.8%
Life expectancy 84 years
Fertility rate 1.4 children born/woman
Literacy 99%
Infant mortality rate 2 / 1000 live childbirths
Under 5 mortality rate 3 / 1000 children
Percentage of 1 year olds fully immunized against measles 98%
Maternal mortality rate 5 / 100,000 persons
Skilled attendant at delivery 100%
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate(15-49 years) Not available


Source* UNICEF 2016