Indonesia Medical Follow-up

(Project period:1997~ Project site:Bali Province)

PHJ has donated medical equipment required at the project site and extended repairing service and training for the medical equipment left unmaintained. Further more, PHJ has extended technical training to medical doctors and technical staffs to enhance their knowledge and skills.
Since 1997, PHJ has been providing technical training of medical equipment at a public hospital in East Bali. This project aims at enhancement of image diagnosis technology using the image diagnosis equipment. For this purpose, PHJ has been dispatching an expert from Japan annually.
The Health Department and Gianyar Hospital of the Gianyar District of Bali Province promote improvement of medical and health services in the district and intend to make the Gianyar Hospital a core hospital in the district to start breast cancer diagnosis and other new services.


The first medical follow-up program PHJ implemented in Indonesia was the technical training of medical equipment at Sangra Emergency Hospital, in Denpasaar, that was constructed by the grant assistance from the Japanese Government. Due to the lack of fund and repairing knowhow, a half of the medical equipment was left unmaintained. The hospital could not provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment of patients. Having consulted with the Ministry of Health of Indonesia, Health Department of Bali Province, PHJ offered the investigation of the status of defective medical equipment, supplied necessary repair parts, and extended technical training of medical and repairing staffs. Thanks to these support, more than 90% of the medical equipment at Sangra Hospital and other three public hospitals were repaired for practical use. In the oncology and gynecology field, PHJ provided an image diagnosis equipment and dispatched several Japanese experts to give training on image diagnosis to the Indonesian medical staffs.
In 2002, in order to empower the image diagnosis technology in the Gianyar DIstrict where PHJ is implementing an oral hygiene education, PHJ invited a medical doctor of the public hospital to a medical university in Japan.
In 2005, to support the Gianyar Hospital’s plan to become a core hospital in the province, PHJ donated an X-ray computer tomography (CT) and invited three Indonesian medical doctors to Japan to master the operation and image diagnosis technology of the CT. Following the training and installation of the equipment, PHJ dispatches a technical expert of the Japanese university hospital every year to give training on image diagnosis technology (covering ultrasound image diagnosis equipment also) to the Indonesian medical doctors and technical staffs.