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PHJ is implementing maternal and child health care service improvement in rural areas

In 2014 PHJ moved its Cambodia Office from Kampong Thom Province to Kampong Cham Province to carry the projects meeting the local requirements in close cooperation with the municipal health administration as well as local communities. These activities include training of health center staff in health and management skills, fostering network between health center and community through maternal and child health education and other health promotion activities in the community.


Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime under Pol Pot, health and medical conditions remained very poor until 1990’s. In the past decade, international assistance in health and medical fields increased and the Cambodian people can enjoy various health services to improve their health.

On the other hand, the gaps between the urban and rural area and between rich and poor are increasing rapidly. In the urban area, chronic and life-style related diseases are increasing just as in developed countries, while in the rural area infectious diseseases and diseases arising from malnutrition are still the main illnesses. Another concern is the lack of medical staffs and low quality of health services despite the increase number of medical facilities. Infant mortality rate, under 5 mortality rate, maternal mortality rate arehigher than neibhoring countries.

Introduction of projects

Maternal and Child Health Improvement(2014~) more
Past Project more

Country Information

Cambodia Japan
Area 181,000 sq. km 378,000 sq. km
Population 15.76million 128 million
Gross national income per capita US$1,140 US$42,000
Ethnic groups Khmer 97.6%, Cham 1.2%,
Chinese 0.1%
Japanese 98.5%,
Ainu, Korean, Chinese
Language Khmer Japanese
Religion Buddhist 97.9%, Moslim 1.1% Shinto + Buddhist 84%, Christian 2%,
Others 7.8%
Life expectancy 69 years 84 years
Fertility rate 2.6 children born/woman 1.5 children born/woman
Literacy rate 74% 100%
Infant mortality rate 26 / 1000 live births 2 / 1000 live births
Under 5 mortality rate 31 / 1000 3 / 1000
Percentage of 1 year olds fully
immunized against measles
81% 96%
Maternal mortaility rate 161 persons/ 100,000 5 persons / 100,000
Skilled attendant at delivery 89% 100%
HIV/AIDS prevalence rate(15-49 years) 0.5% less than 0.1%

Source:UNICEF 2017, MOFA Japan 2018, CIA 2017