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About PHJ

Providing education on health and medical care to the mothers and children of Asia

PH-Japan (People’s Hope Japan – PHJ) is an international NGO that is giving hope to the people of Asia and empowering them to lead healthy and happy lives by providing education on health and medical care. We are focusing on maternal and child healthcare education.
PHJ got its start in 1997 as  Project HOPE Japan, the Japan organization of the US NGO, Project HOPE.  In 1999 it won certification as a specified non-profit organization (NPO) by the Japanese Government, and in 2001 became the first NPO to be accredited as a certified NPO by the Japan Tax Agency. In 2006 it was reorganized as an independent organization and changed its name to PH-Japan (People’s Hope Japan). In 2017 PHJ is celebrating its 20th anniversary.


Health and hope for all
To empower the people of Asia, PH-Japan provides education on health and medical care, as well as medical and health support in disaster relief.

Based on a humanitarian spirit, we support people in need, helping them become confident, self-dependent, healthy, and happy.

Quality Activities
Understanding local needs, in cooperation with governments and non-governmental organizations, we select and extend positive support to the programs that will enhance local capabilities.
Independence Our management remains independent from any political view, religion, or ideology as well as any governmental, or private organizations, enabling ourselves to serve people in need.
Through efficient management, we maximize the percentage of our donationsthat can be allocated to field activities that serve people in need.

Allocation of Donation

By emphasizing efficiency, we ensure that a high percentage of the donations received go to our field activities.See the following diagram.